Fiat 500 Exterior

All eyes on me

All eyes on me

Fun, iconic and one of a kind. It’s 500. Choose your style from the wide range of colours and interiors.


500 Uconnect™ Link: Apple CarPlay

Uconnect Link: Apple CarPlay

The new 500 operates with Apple CarPlay.
Apple CarPlay is the smartest, safest way to use your iPhone at the wheel. With the key functions and main Apps specifically adapted on the screen of your 500, you can access navigation info, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music without taking your mind off the road.To manage the main functions of your smartphone you can use the voice commands thanks to Siri, or the touchscreen and steering wheel commands.

Apple CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.  
500 Uconnect™ Link: Android CarPlay

Uconnect Link: Android Auto

The new 500 is compatible with Android Auto. Android Auto makes it easier to access your contents and Apps at the wheel, without putting safety at risk. The user-friendly interface displays your Apps on the screen of your 500, organised into easy-to-read pages. Google Maps gives you access to real-time traffic info and much, much more, while the best hands-free technology lets you make calls and send and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

Apple CarPlay, iPhone and Siri are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.  


500 multimedia radio technology

What's your top 500?

Journeys are more enjoyable with your favourite tunes: on board the 500 you get Uconnect Radio, a simple but comprehensive sound system with AM/FM tuner, USB/AUX inputs and steering wheel controls.
So connect your devices and listen to all the music you want, however you want.
500 Speed Limiter

Safe like her, fast like you.

In 500, technology also means safety: if you set a maximum driving speed at the beginning of your trip, the Speed Limiter will help you not to exceed it as you travel. Just switch it on under the steering wheel and the journey will be just as you want it.
500 infotainment technology

I'm social, but not a follower.

Not content with a radio? Uconnect™ offers endless extras and is available in numerous different solutions on board the 500. Spoil yourself and add whatever you like to your Uconnect Radio. Enhance it with a 5” touchscreen or 7” HD touchscreen.


500 front angle

Lounge Pack

For your trips, choose the style that’s right for you. The Lounge Pack enables you to choose from four possible interiors and adds chrome details capable of enhancing the aesthetics of your 500.
- Chrome front bumpers
- 4 types of seats