Panda Cross 4x4:
go anywhere, park everywhere.

From R265 ,900

Panda Cross 4x4. The most adventurous member of the Panda family.


find my car Fiat Panda Cross 4x4

Even more fun

Pump up the fun in your Panda Cross 4x4. With the new Panda Uconnect app, you can connect your smartphone to your car via integrated Bluetooth to make it a fully fledged on-board computer. A dedicated graphic interface, plus access to your music, maps, contacts and a whole lot more. All with a touch. Or a simple voice command if you prefer.
Mobile app Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 infotainment

Travel simply, with your smartphone

When your adventure is challenging, your journey needs to be easy: that's why the Panda Cross 4x4 adds new tech in the form of Panda Uconnect. By downloading the app free of charge to your smartphone, you can make phone calls, listen to the radio and use eco:Drive, Find My Car and all the other functions that make light work of every trip.
Mobile app Fiat Panda Cross 4x4 infotainment

Viaggia semplice, col tuo smartphone

Se l’avventura è impegnativa, il viaggio dev’essere semplice: per questo Panda Cross 4x4 aggiunge una nuova tecnologia, Panda Uconnect. Scaricando l’app gratuita sul proprio smartphone sarà possibile telefonare, ascoltare la radio, utilizzare eco:Drive, Find My Car e tutte le altre funzionalità che rendono ogni viaggio più leggero e semplice.

start and stop Fiat Panda Cross 4x4

Minimum fuel consumption, maximum fun

You stop, your engine stops. The Panda Cross 4x4's Start&Stop technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption.