Tipo Hatch. Sure you want to get out?


Tipo Hatchback Bluetooth radio with AUX or USB

Uconnect™: handy for you, useful for everyone

Step into the Tipo hatch and discover a host of technology designed for your driving pleasure. With Uconnect, you can connect your phone by Bluetooth, AUX or USB, and enjoy a choice of your own music. All with a touch.
Tipo Hatchback Uconnect™ navigation

Where are you going, Tipo?

Not sure where you're going, let the Tipo hatch give you a helping hand: with Uconnect 5” route to your destination. All at a touch, just like on your own tablet.
Tipo Hatchback rearview camera

Two eyes looking forward, one looking back

The Fiat Tipo hatch makes parking a breeze, thanks to the rearview camera integrated into the Uconnect system. Didn't we tell you that you don't need much to get a lot with the Fiat Tipo?